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About Inland Massage

The Leader in Eastern Washington Massage Education Since 1986.

Thank you for your interest in Inland Massage Institute, Inc. and the profession of massage therapy. We have been the leader in massage education in the Eastern Washington area since 1986. Our program has expanded and evolved since its inception to incorporate and reflect the dynamic changes in the profession over the last few years.

Our licensing program prepares students for the career of licensed massage practitioner in the State of Washington. The 750-hour program exceeds the state requirements of 500 hours in order to be eligible to take the state examination. Washington State had foresight to adopt the National Certification exam as the state exam, so you may also choose to become Nationally Certified at the same time. Since there are many states that do not have licensure, this will help if you happen to relocate at some point in your career.

We teach a thorough knowledge and understanding of the structure, function, and mechanics of the human body as related to touch and massage -- as well as provide practical hands-on and theoretical training in massage modalities, health care concerns and other topics related to the business.

As massage therapy has changed over the last few years, our curriculum has continued to evolve to meet new expectations. It is an exciting time to be a massage practitioner. With insurance companies now reimbursing for our services, more people are seeking massage therapy than ever before. Coupled with the increased demand for spa services, on-site massage, sportsmasssage and stress reduction work, the possibilities and opportunities are endless.

We have enclosed most of the information about our program for you. We encourage you to call with your questions or set up a time to come tour our school and give us an opportunity to meet you. Be sure to come to our scheduled information open house as well -- it will answer a lot of your questions.

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